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Today I feel inspired, today I cherish life in a new way – today I vote for life, for love for acceptance of my self being truth, being authentically me. I, as are you, are unique, we are all specifically special. Moreover we will never be repeated, not till the end of time, not…

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The word ego is thrown about often, but what really is it? And do we actually have to let go of it to evolve (plug :)

Actually the ego is the personality and it is a necessary part of life and of living. Without it we would have no personality or ability to communicate. It would be a dead and boring place this world.

So the ego is the personality and it is what we call ‘US’ but are we limited to that us or is there a bigger US to find? Is there a higher self or as some call it a soul? And does that soul have a personality? An Intent?

One of the questions I love to ask ‘Soul Believers’ is, “Is you soul any different to mine?” As in is there a fundamental separation.

If the answer is yes then the next point is then where does this separation exist and is there any part of you that is not separate form me? Then that for me is ‘higher’ for want of a better word, than the ‘soul’ part of US.

So where are we aiming? For a belief in an unknown structure called the soul – or for the truth of who we are behind ourselves?

Perhaps enlightenment is as the great sages say ‘The one thing everywhere’ just like god, so without limits, edges or opinions (as these are also limits)

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